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how it works

  • Once you come in, we will seperate your gold/silver jewellery/ bullion, into the respective categories of carats and weigh them seperately, all done in front of you.

  • Based on the current gold/silver rates of the day, we will calculate the value and advise you. if you wish to proceed then we will go on to the next stage.

  • Now we will test all your jewellery/bullion using the acid scratch test. this will not damage your jewellery or bullion in any way, but will help us determine the purity of the metal so we can evaluate each piece. all done in front you on the spot.

  • If there are any pieces, which are thick and cannot be tested by the acid test satisfactorily, they will have to be filed in certain points. This will damage the jewellery or item beyond repair, so it will be done only if you agree completely to the test , as if it is genuine gold or silver, we will honour our rates committed and pay you for said item. If not, it will be returned to you.

  • Finally we will calculate all the values of each and every one of your items , seperately if you wish , or in a lump sum. 

  • Once we agree on all the numbers, cash will be paid on the spot. Cheque payment can also be done based on total amount and requirements of individual sellers.

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